Originally based in Knoxville, Tennessee but now residing in Seattle, Washington, NO DIRECTION are a five-piece outfit whose mixture of speed metal and hardcore reminds me a lot of Chicago’s underrated AFTERMATH who appeared on the MF “Scream Your Brains Out” compilation album last year.

NO DlRECTlON have been together in some shape or form since ’87 and their current line-up reads: Tim Allen (vocals), Hank Bate (lead guitar), Lenny Burnett (guitar), James Atkins (bass) and David Knight (drums).

The bands four song demo is well produced and the material is fairly strong, ranging from the thrashcore frenzied “Circle Of Fear” to the more metalized “Brain Daze” with brutal METALLICA-like rifling. “Blind Reproach” is a punchy plodder with some blatant SLAYER “Reign In Blood” era riffs, whilst the more pacey “Gestures Of Faith” ends a promising enough tape.



PAUL STANLEY L’Amour, Brooklyn New York

Just what the purpose is for Paul Stanley’s month long solo trek is anyone’s guess? On stage the KISS guitarist never voiced his motivation, choosing to state only: “I intend to kick some ass!”, before storming into the concert opener “l Stole Your Love”. The twelve year old “I Want You” followed, and like its 1978 predecessor, it had a timeless sound. “Tonight You Belong To Me” from Paul’s 1978 solo album was also performed early in the set as were “C’mon And Love Me” and “Wouldn’t You Like To Know Me?”

This first half-hour of the set featuring many songs rarely, if ever, performed live was marvellous. The inclusion of these songs gave the evening a special feel.

It was about the time that Paul began “I Still Love You” however, that the set list became stale by comparison. Most of the tunes he went on to perform this evening, including “Reason To live”, “Crazy, Crazy Nights”, “Detroit Rock City”, “Lick It Up” and “Love Gun”, have been in the KISS set list for many years.

Ironically, the predictability of Paul’s performance was most welcome. He used to be one of the finest performers in the business and it’s good to see that that hasn’t changed. He can’t play guitar worth a damn, but he has a true stage presence and he commands attention in a way that few others can. His voice was one of the most stable to ever sound off through the L’Amour sound system.

With regard to the other band members’ long time KISS associate Bob Kulick handled the none-too-demanding lead guitar chores in a fine manner, adding a few noteworthy enhancements to “Let’s Put The X In Sex”. The other members, Dennis St James on bass and Gary Cortiett on keyboards, were adequate, if less appealing substitutes for KISS members Gene Simmons and Bruce Kulick. In light of drummer Eric Singer’s performance however, Eric Carr was sorely missed.

One of the evening’s finest moments was the band’s rendition of “Hide Your Heart”, an unreleased KISS song written sometime during the last two years. The song had a “Copacabana” style story line and a sing-along chorus. This song’s omission from the recent “Smashes, Thrashes And Hits” compilation album is certainly odd.

Also noteworthy was Paul’s fine rendition of LED ZEPPELIN’s “Communication Breakdown” as an encore.

John Ricard



APRIL 1990


THERE IS, as you probably know, e quite major requirement for watching the Macc Lads. You must be drunk. We’re not talking a little tipsy, we’re talking gibbering, staggering, shouting and aren’t toilets funny drunk. So following this simple rule with the aid of a drinking partner, I joined the throng for an evening of insults and bottom jokes.

Warming up the crowd was a large chap called Eddie Shit. Mr Shit was about as subtle as the Tories introducing Poll Tax on April fools day, but considerably funnier. Well, until his horrendous Judge Dredd-style cover versions began to wear a great deal thinner than the performer. We escape to the bar and await the Lads.

Okay, so the Macc Lads are stupid, sexist, infantile and ugly. But there comes a point where you just have to forget these things and sing along.

Credit where it’s due, the Macc Lads, white not yet making Macclesfield internationally famous, put an incredible amount of enthusiasm into their sets, and manage to avoid electrocution despite being drenched in beer from start to foul-mouthed finish.

Muttley gives his usual on-stage banter about Southerners being flat lager drinking homosexuals, though I can’t help thinking that he looks tired and perhaps wouldn’t be so brave without the support of their massive roadies.

It also strikes me that while the Lads will never be world renowned (other nations just don’t find toilets amusing) the Italians will no doubt hear all about Sweaty Betty during the world cup. I can only suggest that they get enormously drunk and learn the words.

The lads from Macc show no mercy and not an atom of sense.


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