With an average age of 19, Boston based FORTUNE are a hard rocking sextet who look to be going places. Featuring Bob Vase (vocals), Pete DiStefano and Bill Plourde (guitars), Kevin Belanger (bass), Dave Vargas (drums) and Jeremy Heussi (keyboards), FORTUNE fall into the commercial end of the rock spectrum blending bluesy rock’n’roll with textured harmonized AOR with a pomp edge.

“The Wolf Will Survive”, which was featured on last year’s Flaid Report “Hard Hitters” CD, a promotion compilation disc that is circulated to all the album-orientated rock stations across the US, is a mixture of WHITESNAKE and STRYPER, whilst “Open Your Eyes” is more in the Y&T mould, oozing plenty of melody.

The ballad, “All I Can Do ls Dream” is pretty dreary and is by far the worst track on the four-song demo, but things are re-adjusted with “Don’t Lose Faith”, a powerful rocker similar to STRYPER but much heavier.

Definitely a band to watch, FORTUNE have already had label interest, and hopefully it won’t be too long before they get their inkings on a record contract.


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