I predicted big things for TOMORROW’S CHILD Iast time l reviewed them, but l guess they didn’t take off as fast as I expected. The line-up remains unchanged: Adam (vocals), Rik Shaffer (guitar), Steve Resnick (bass) and Grey Dollinger (drums) and they have just landed a demo deal with Capitol. I’m pretty sure that this isn’t the result, as the production, as with the first demo, is poor. But what it lacks in production it definitely makes up for in the material.

“Walk In The Woods” blasts open the demo in fine style. This track is featured on the upcoming “Street Survivors” compilation. A barnstormer of a cut with ever so meaningful lyrics.

“All I Wanted” and “In The Silence” are both in the same league as “…Woods”. I can’t really stress enough how hot a live act TOMORROWS CHILD are, now it just needs the vinyl side to be taken care of.
TOMORROW’S CHILD are the bastard sons of U2, but with a whole lot more attitude and street credibility. Possibly my favourite L.A. band right now. Enough said.


One response to “TOMORROW’S CHILD

  1. Online searching for anything I can find by Tomorrow;s Child since all of the demos I have been given are 3000 miles away with the rest of my belongings. Great Band, Great stage Performance, Great, Talented Guys … I fear that they never made it big because they cared too much about everyone and everything. Jason was a modern day saint, beautiful inside and out.

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