NIAGARA – The Marquee, London

Whether it was just curiosity or actual interest in the band I couldn’t say, but the Marquee had a large crowd for Spain’s hottest new export: (just edging ahead at San Miguel lager!) NIAGARA.
From the offset they were out to impress – their stagecraft, learnt on stages far larger than this one tonight, was fluid, projective and perfectly executed – culminating in a SCORPIONS style synchronised set-piece (note the alliteration!) which served as an introduction to “Now Or Never” one of the band’s most potent cuts.

Vocalist Tony Cuevas has the voice and the look of a star – his English is virtually flawless and his mike-spinning acrobatics make him the centre of attention, a compliment indeed bearing in mind the quality of the band beside him.

Although touted as a ‘melodic rock’ band NIAGARA really crank it up live. Guitarist VIM. has the ability to caress your ears one minute, then hit you in the guts the next! – which makes for an interesting show I can tell you!
Clearly NIAGARA have got what it takes to be the next big thing their material is excellent, check out the beauty of “Take My Hand”, or the aggression behind “Power” (a fantastic instrumental). The latter displays the perfect Interplay between keyboardist Ricky Castaneda, bassist Angel Alias, drummer Joey Matos, and, of course, guitarist V.M. Arias.

Needless to say the crowd lapped it up, which seemed to spur the band to even greater heights and resulted in a singing contest which actually worked (!) and a couple of encores, one being a cover of DOKKEN’s “Into The fire”.
Hopefully NIAGARA will remove the stigma that so far has been synonymous with Spanish rock.

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