Reading based FATAL are a young British metal band who’ve been together for a little over a year and consist of Yeti (vocals/bass), Dave Caton (guitar) and Nigel Farrow (drums).

The band have already supported the dreadful TATTOOED LOVE BOYS which seems a complete mis-match because FATAL’s music is at the heavier, bordering on thrash, end of the metal spectrum.

FATAL’s three song demo kicks off with the title track, “Lynch Law”, a pacey MAlDENesque affair, well structured with some great guitar fills. In fact, guitarist Dave Caton plays with a lot of feel and melody, especially on “First Born”, which puts an exciting edge to bands music. Unfortunately, the final song “Passive Aggressor” is none too clever, sounding like a disjointed early CELTIC FROST, but if FATAL can polish up their song writing a little and get some decent gigs under their belt then they could well be a band to look out for in the future. The band are already planning to record a new demo so l look forward to that with interest.

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