Music For Nations Magazine 1984

The year 1984 has been a great one for the resurrection of sadly overlooked bands from the ‘70’s. The newest name added to that list is T.K.O. This is a different T.K.O. from the band that released the LP ‘Let lt Roll’ back in 1979. But is it really? The one thing that stood out in my mind about that LP were the powerful vocals of Brad Sinsel. And now6 years later it is that same Brad Sinsel who is the driving force behind this version of TKO.

This edition includes ex-Culprit members Kjartan Kristofferson and Scott Earl on guitars and bass respectively and Ken Mary on drums. Ken Mary is the newest member of T.K.O. as Brad Sinsel recently picked him out of the Randy Hansen group to replace Michael Alersich. According to Sinsel “It’s just another change of the many changes we’ve had since 1979. We’ve had 8 guitarists, 6 drummers and at least S bass players. I’m thing of building a rest home for ex-T.K.O. members!’

It’s good to see Brad can keep a sense of humour about the whole thing because it’s been an uphill fight for Brad Sinsel since the band was created. In 1979, T.K.O. released their debut LP ‘Let It Roll’ on Infinity Records. Says Brad, “You remember Infinity don’t you? They’re the same folks who signed The Pope up to do an LP for 1 million dollars. I think it’s now getting round to being released. Anyway, that’s when the parent company MCA said enough is too much’: Needless to say T.K.0. never did have the chance to do another LP on Infinity. After that came problems with Sins el’s previous management which tied the band up for a considerable period of time.

The band have recently signed for Music for Nations for the U.K. and Europe and Combat Records for America. The first release is an album entitled ‘In Your Face’ released November 16th.

So, five years later T.K.O.’s second LP has finally been released. ‘In Your Face’ contains 10 of the best Heavy Metal/Hard Rock songs ever written in the ‘80’s. Instant classics like ‘I Wanna Fight ‘Danger City’ and my personal favourite ‘Run Out Of Town’ with the brilliant line “it’s either somebody’s daughter or somebody’s wife.” Great stuff!

It may have taken 5 years but any T.K.O. fan would tell you this LP is worth it.

Mike Vergane – Metal Forces


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