Music For Nations Magazine 1984

Along with Loudness, Earthshaker are currently Japan’s hottest Metallic property They have, in much the same way as Motley Crue, become a teenage cult in the USA, captured the imagination of the Nipponese youth to a degree hitherto unprecedented by any home grown act.

They have in short become idols. Formed originally 5 years ago the line-up finally stabilised in late 1980 as Masafumi ‘Marcy” Nishida vocals and visual dynamics, Shinichiro “Shara” Ishihara guitar, Takayuki Kai bass and the tremendous Yoshihiro Kudo drums.

After a lengthy period of gigging they released their debut album ‘Earthshaker’ in March’83 and it proved to be quite an album, featuring some exceeding hot guitar licks from Shara and some precise yet powerful drumming from Kudo. The album also boasted a cut called “Dark Angel (Animals)” penned by one Adrian Smith (guitarist with Iron Maiden).

The band admit to a strong Y&T influence, indeed they supported the U.S. act at the 1982 Japan Heavy Metal Festival. Other influences on the band include Deep Purple and the Scorpions and there is a strong European feel to their music which has helped elevate them to large venue status in Japan.

Their second LP ‘Fugitive’ was a surprisingly tuneful affair recorded at The Automat in California and again met with great critical approval. The band’s strength seems to lie in a combination of tight punchy, almost poppy tunes played well and recorded excellently It’s a winning formula that bodes well for their up and coming album release ‘Midnight Flight’.

The band have yet to play in the UK but as the live side of their recently released EP ‘T-O-K-Y-O’ shows, they really do go for the throat live. Hopefully it won’t be long before they visit these shores and it should be a sight worth seeing.

Geoff Gillespie.


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