CLEVELAND’S premiere HM band Snake Rock were formed around five years ago by singer guitarist (you guessed it) Snake Rock. After countless changes a consistent line-up has been reached, incorporating the brothers Wray, Dave on drums, Jeff on bass and cousin Spike the bands second lead guitarist.

Snake Rock play hard-hitting, head-splitting HM that features plenty of original AC/DC, Judas Priest style riffs. The band’s recording career began with an EP released some years ago but more recently they’ve had a cut entitled ‘Your Hot Love’ on, of all things, a record put out by Playboy magazine. The album ‘Playboy Streetrock’ available on Night Flight records is a compilation of unsigned US acts. They gained this opportunity when they won their regional contest held to determine which bands should be included.

Live, the band perform a collection of Metal monsters including ‘Love Me, Shove Me’, ‘I Don’t Care’ and ‘Brats in the Schoolyard’, during which number Snake takes off across the club floor still playing his transmitter guitar. After several mini solo’s on chairs and tables, he has been known to down a jug of beer offered by an excited punter before returning to the stage.

At some gigs shades of Alice Cooper are evident when he brings out a Boa Constrictor during ‘She’s Killing Me’.

Snake Rock will be releasing a new single the hot rocking ‘Down and Dirty’ (the first song they ever wrote) with a fresh B-side ‘I Don’t Care’, on an independent label soon.

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