APRIL 1990

WRATH- The Fiesta Palace, Waukegan, Illinois

WRATH HAVE been lurking around the fringes of the Thrash Metal scene for a few years now, compiling a small, loyal following and garnering a decent amount of positive press in the process.

Their third LP is called ‘Insane Society’ and it’s undoubtedly their most accomplished, which is why tonight’s hometown gig was weighed heavily in favour of tunes from the new disc.

Stylistically and even visually to some degree, Wrath are comparable to Testament. Chunky rifts dominate the proceedings, and MC-ing the musical attack is new singer Kurt Grayson, whose full-bodied roar and imposing physical presence definitely recall the Bay Area quintet’s Chuck Billy.

Wrath carry their own though, and the bands excellent guitar team pull off a number of rifts of great complexity which still catch one’s ears. Helped by a fairly crisp sound mix, the group flexed considerable live muscle on cuts like ‘Insane Society’, ‘Panic Control’ and ‘Test Of Faith’.

Yet throughout the evening, I never felt that Wrath unleashed their full potential. It may be that they’re just rusty and need to get a good-sized tour under their belts. Or perhaps the relative calmness of the audience (except for the first few rows) didn’t provide the right vibe for the musicians to play off. Still, this was a tight, biting performance from a band more Thrashers should know about.


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