APRIL 1990


This is quite extraordinary; I’ve seen a good band in a small club on a Monday night and there wasn’t a painful cliché in sight. Despite their name, Tempa Tempa have the unusual knack of writing great songs – shocking isn’t it

Mick Butler (rhythm guitar, lead vocals, sole songwriter) holds the whole thing together with natural presence and a great voice. Bastard. He’s also written three songs that record companies dream about, Gun being the only reference point I can offer ‘Long Way To America’, ‘Passion’ and ‘Mad Mad World’,

Of course there are faults but they can be rectified. Butler aside, the band have no image and precious little charisma at present. Lead guitarist Gary Sanders is a fine musician but he’s nailed in the shadows for most of the set.

Nevertheless, I’d advise you to check ‘em out.


These guys seem to have changed their name to Scream Jeezus
1. Scream Jeezus ‘Long Way To America’ @ Soundcloud
2. Scream Jeezuz @ Facebook

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