Kerrang Issue 286 April 1990

SEEING RED Venue, Edinburgh
IMPROVING By leaps and bounds is not something unique to Seeing Red. Once they were disjointed, once they had no direction, once they thought rock stars could have beards (ZZ gimmick?). Now they have sortie good tight tunes (some average), but above all, a clear direction. Trouble is, it’s a direction followed by a multitude of other bands who could be rounded up under that catch-all label, melodic hard rock.

Where are they going? Well, if they keep improving at this rate, they could easily escape from the batch of several thousand club bands which shoot to oblivion every year.

They might even join that more exclusive bunch of hundreds of bands which are almost as likely to shoot to oblivion but from which one lucky combo with heart wrenching tunes might strike it superficially rich. It’s a tough old world out there.

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