Kerrang! 292 June 1990

XENTRIX – Marquee, London.

And so to this evenings main attraction , those mischievous UK thrashers Xentrix. Fresh from having their wrists slapped by Columbia Pictures over the ‘Ghostbusters’ sleeve, these lads attract an altogether better class of stage diver – hell, they even provide two roadies to help people up onto the stage.

I guess in their own way Xentrix owe a fair deal to Metallica, and their new song (I didn’t catch the name because the singer tends to growl introductions) is very ‘Creeping Death’ in places, followed by ‘Back In The Real World’ with sprinklings of ‘Whiplash’.

The best thing about Xentrix is that they so obviously want you to enjoy yourself, and the band put an immense amount of effort towards that aim. There is an awful singing contest, which anywhere else would have looked stupid, but the band somehow manage to make it fun.

Xentrix stay on stage just ling enough to ensure that everyone is hot, sweaty and work out, proving at last that UK Thrash is alive and kicking.

Who ya gonna call….?


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