Kerrang! 292 June 1990

THE CROWS – Marquee, London

TODAY – SUPPORTING Monterrey. Tomorrow? Who knows, but in my ever-so-slightly humble opinion, guv’nor, the sky’s the limit for the Crows (get it?). Bitching all afternoon I was, about having’ to interrupt my ‘busy schedule’ to take oft 40 minutes to check out the Scots lads in their opening’ slot at a gasping’ for punters Marquee.

Ha! Imagine having’ to trundle onstage an’ follow Aerosmith’s mighty ‘F-l-N-E’. Well, the Crows rolled (and rocked!) with the punch an’ used it as fuel to build up momentum. Like the winged critter they name themselves after – they were flying’!

To its credit, Britain can boast many a rock frontman powered by enthusiasm, but only one in a million possesses that natural element we like to call ‘style’. Steven Tyler was carved out of the shit, an’ I’d say Crows crooner Ross Allison, to some extent, is blessed with the same infection. Tasselled leather jeans, T-shirt slashed to the navel and a swishy number of a jacket designed to accentuate his moves, Ross (once he sorts out what it is exactly he wants to do between songs) has got it. Oh yeah, he can sing too…

And do I have to wax ‘n’ polish lyrical about that man Ian Gordon on lead guitar? This haggis-hacker could give Edward Van H tips on technique an’ shame Stevie V into playing’ with ‘feel’. In fact, kidlets, he could probably play better than anyone you care to mention with two hands tied behind his back! Three even!

The rest o’ the boys – Donald McLeod on guitar, John Clelland bashing’ drums ‘n’ Billy Bowie (honest!) on bass – weren’t no slouches either, Billy looking’ like ex-Hanoi four-stringer Sam Yaffa without the hangover.

Yeah, they had songs too. Although not pumping in the same vein, by far the most promising up ‘n’ comers I’ve had the pleasure of since the Red Dogs! So how come no full shark’s smile?

A rating’ isn’t in comparison to another band or gig, but a personal assessment of the band by what you consider to be their own standard. Tonight they merely killed. In time the Crows will be wanted for mass murder.


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