Kerrang! 292 June 1990

RADIO MOSCOW – Marquee, London

Perhaps Radio Moscow’s current strength is that they no longer want to be U2. Which has to be good news. But by replacing the power-angst of vocalist Storm with the bluesier tones of head Slowburner honcho Paul Bridgewater, Radio Moscow now sound as if they don’t have a clue who they want to be. But that’s not my problem.

Three years between London showcases is also one hell of a hiatus for Brian Tatler, the unsung maestro of the NWOBHM. Diamond Head, now lauded posthumously, were okay. Crap Eastern doominess at times. Occasional bursts of genius. Which is where the current incarnation of Radio Moscow remain.

Tatler, craggy features camouflaged by a Joe Elliot perm and flashy flesh solos, is now writing material for America. In Bridgewater the band have a vocalist to match, if not surpass, Danny Bowes and the geezer from Midnight Blue, yet the partnership at times appears uncomfortable. In short, the chemistry is awkward.

But there are times when Radio Moscow utilise individual talents. ‘Heard It On The Wind’ and ‘1000 Kisses’ are delivered with Bridgewater’s lazy, laconic comments that are the legacy of  Slowburner’s pub-rock blues, but display admirable construction suss nonetheless.

Overall Radio Moscow are constricted by a desperate formula. Granted time is running out, but that are better than this.

Chris Watts

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