Kerrang! 292 June 1990

LEGS DIAMOND HemisFair Park. San Antonio

THIS IS the way to make a comeback. Nearly four years without an album, currently searching for a record label, and still able to rock us like they never left.

Powers not associated with the band duped the crowd into thinking that a live album was to be recorded tonight (‘Legs Diamond’s first!’), but although all our screams were faithfully transferred to tape, guitarist Roger Romeo informed me that their upcoming project will be a studio album, most likely on an independent label. Still, the misinformation helped bring about the biggest and most participatory crowd this festival’s ever seen,

A sea of raised arms greets the first chords of ‘Out On Bail’, and from the start it sounds like a killer show. Romeo plays dirty in his shiny red plastic trousers and duster, and singer Rick Sanford prowls, crawls and jumps about the stage in purple animal-print duds. Beer cups and plastic pitchers are flying already, and amidst the hard beat of ‘Rock Doktor’ I notice that the audience is literally steaming.

The band’s new songs (about 15 ready for the studio) are warmly embraced; tunes like ‘Look In Her Eye’, ‘I Am For You’ and ‘Heaven Or Hell’ have a good strut and don’t suffer from the ‘keyboards syndrome’. The only area these guys need to work on before getting back into the mainstream is stage moves. Sanford occasionally stumbles Or resorts to the clichéd crotch-grab. Take some pointers from AxI Rose or someone else who knows how to move, guys.

Romeo’s guitar solo, reminiscent of Nugent’s ‘Great White Buffalo’ for its galloping feel, suffers initially because it’s nothing spectacular and he keeps pausing for applause, but with the backing of the rest of the band it turns comfortably bluesy.

Classic ballad ‘Woman’ gets every hand in the air and every throat issuing the Well-remembered words. Sanford laughs with delight, kneeling and holding his microphone out to us.

The crowd is even more responsive by the end of the show, and when Sanford announces the last song with the words, “Whenever I get out here, y’all do this to me, some old fans snap to attention even before the rest of us hear they’re going to-play – ‘Stage Fright’. -We make up for our slowness as the band explode into action in front of a wall of smoke.

As the unintelligible goodbyes are drowned in the crowd’s roar, you only need to remember two things – album due out this Summer, and they’re psyched to hit the UK if they can!


Official Legs Diamond site is @ http://legsdiamond.com/


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