Kerrang! 292 June 1990

FOUR HORSEMEN – The Roxy, Los Angeles

WHAT THE Four Horsemen trade in is basically early AC/DC, no frills rock n roll: simple, stripped down, but with an inherent elegance that gives it the kind of durability that many other, more ‘complex’ strains of rock will never have. And this five-piece do it very well, dishing it out allied to a no-frills stage manner that completes a refreshing reliance on pure and simple musical values.

With a fiery vocalist, rock solid rhythm section and simple, bluesy solos ringing with resonant vibrato, ‘Gonna Be Hell To Pay’, ‘Let It Rock’, High School Rock ‘N’ Roller’ and the rest are impressive examples of a band and a style of music that are the antithesis of flash. The title of the cracking ‘Rock ‘N’ Roll Is My Business’ puts what the Four Horsemen are about neatly in a nutshell.


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