Kerrang! 292 June 1990

CORONER, ATROPHY, FORCED ENTRY – Foufounes Electriques, Montreal

On the surface Atrophy too are just another dumb long-haired Thrash act with a penchant for violence (their albums titles go ‘Socialised Hate’ and ‘Violent By Nature’). But, given that the band were formed at the University of Arizona and that guitarist Chris Lykins is well on his way to becoming a qualified Doctor, then these presumptions start to look a tad shaky.

Truth to tell, Atrophy are striving to roll back the frontiers in a genre that guards its borders with a zealous obsession. Onstage all the important ingredients are in place – the hair, the pose, the mock aggression – but beneath all that struggles a band who would really like the artistic credit afforded someone like Tom G. Warrior.

‘Violent by Nature’ (belying its title – the tune actually questions the premise that young children are necessarily naturally violent) is perhaps the epitome of Atrophy’s blend of mature lyricism and potent Exodusesque riffing.

But for all their cerebral dexterity, purpose of performance and attention to detail, Atrophy really still need to inject more width to their music if they’re to fully develop into the force they aspire to be.

Paul Miller

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