LO Girls

Kerrang Issue 286 April 1990

LO GIRLS, RICH RAGS Royal Standard, Walthamstow

Now, forgive me if I’m wr…wro….wrrro,..um—everso slightly incorrect(t), but do I get the impression that vocalist Bo of LO Girls craves to be some kinda Axl Rose with goody two-shoes principles? A nun with a gun? An alcoholic Captain America? ‘It’s great to see couples again,‘ the corkscrew mop-topped one announces with unashamed sincerity, as he launches into an anti-one night stand rap. His Claire Rayner spiel incited hecklin’ from one portion of punters, but Bo ‘n’ Co were undaunted, an erect middle finger from guitarist John H being the response.

Bo’s influences are as glarin’ as a spotlight slicin’ the fog; he does AxIs patented straitjacket shuffle, but attempts to counteract any damn Yankee-isms with a Union Jack emblazoned T-shirt. The band’s patriotic preachin’ is admirable but somewhat ineffective when it supercedes a super-slick rendition of Buns N’Toasties’‘It’s So Easy’. It’s so obvious.

In the talent department Lo Girls are a good head‘n’shoulders above average. They glide effortlessly and not over (or annoyingly) arrogantly across the stage., a tidy little unit who no doubt take their craft seriously. And they either rehearse in a friend’s garage or are ridiculously in debt to their local rehearsal room if their marked improvement from the last time I set mince-pies on ‘em is anythin’ to set standards by.

And with that near-as-yer-gettin’-to complimentary-for-now closin’ assessment, it’s Lo from them and goodbye from me. Sweet dreams.


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