6 responses to “CRY HADES

  1. My brother was singer in this band – Jon Williams. Rich and Gary guitarists. Bass player(s) – couple I remember but can’t remember their names. Drummers – Duncan Mounsor / Hugh Lyford.

  2. Cry hades were a local metal band in the 90s they were from Gloucester a good old fashioned heavy metal band they did traditional covers and also wrote there own material there trade mark chant was I’m having some of that I was a friend of the band and a fan

    • The band was even sued for noise pollution by a troublesome neighbour. He even lied about when they were playing.

      They turned upto court in a stretch limousine and were found not guilty. Rich’s dad was my mate he was so proud that he videotaped the local news to show me at work

  3. cry hades , richard hicks was the band leader, he used to live in great rissington, the other band members lived near, stow on the wold etc

  4. I was the first bass player for cry Hades Steve. It was good times and had a great crack.. Bump into Rich or Gary from time to time but haven’t seen Jon since the band split. We had more drummers than I can remember.
    We had a blast

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