Kerrang! Issue 286 APRIL 1990

BARDICHE play Bristol Fleece and Firkin April 20, Cheltenham Night Owl May 7, Swindon St. John’s Ambulance Hall 12, Oxford Dolly 22, Bristol Bierkeller June 10, Swindon Link Centre 22 (supporting Huw Lloyd Langton)

Don’t anything about these guys altho the bass player Tom Dwyer seems to have joined Marshall Law in the last few years.

5 responses to “BARDICHE

  1. Hi – it’a amazing what Google reveals. Bardiche was a metal band from Swindon, and I was the bass player at the time of this Kerrang ad (the esteemed Tom Dwyer joined later). We achieved some success in the area (old rockers are sure to remember ‘Hard Times’) and came within a whisker of a record deal but, sadly, it wasn’t to be. The line up from around 1988 to 91 was Stevie Wallace (vocals), Glyn Stevens (lead guitar), Danny Archer (drums) and Steve Tilling (bass).

    If you’re interested, I’m still playing and recording solo stuff at


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