LO Girls

Kerrang Issue 286 April 1990

LO GIRLS, RICH RAGS Royal Standard, Walthamstow

Now, forgive me if I’m wr…wro….wrrro,..um—everso slightly incorrect(t), but do I get the impression that vocalist Bo of LO Girls craves to be some kinda Axl Rose with goody two-shoes principles? A nun with a gun? An alcoholic Captain America? ‘It’s great to see couples again,‘ the corkscrew mop-topped one announces with unashamed sincerity, as he launches into an anti-one night stand rap. His Claire Rayner spiel incited hecklin’ from one portion of punters, but Bo ‘n’ Co were undaunted, an erect middle finger from guitarist John H being the response.

Bo’s influences are as glarin’ as a spotlight slicin’ the fog; he does AxIs patented straitjacket shuffle, but attempts to counteract any damn Yankee-isms with a Union Jack emblazoned T-shirt. The band’s patriotic preachin’ is admirable but somewhat ineffective when it supercedes a super-slick rendition of Buns N’Toasties’‘It’s So Easy’. It’s so obvious.

In the talent department Lo Girls are a good head‘n’shoulders above average. They glide effortlessly and not over (or annoyingly) arrogantly across the stage., a tidy little unit who no doubt take their craft seriously. And they either rehearse in a friend’s garage or are ridiculously in debt to their local rehearsal room if their marked improvement from the last time I set mince-pies on ‘em is anythin’ to set standards by.

And with that near-as-yer-gettin’-to complimentary-for-now closin’ assessment, it’s Lo from them and goodbye from me. Sweet dreams.



Kerrang! Issue 286 APRIL 1990

WARNING Play Crawley New Inn April 20, Swindon Link Centre 21, London Lady Owen Arms 25, Oxford Hayley Rugby Club 27, Reading Four Horseshoes 28, Southampton Canute May 4, London Cathouse 5 (supporting Marshall Law), Glasgow Universoty 6, Bedford Angel 8, St. Albans Horn of Plenty 10, Walthamstow Royal Standard 11, Bridgend Tavern 12, Bristol Fleece and Firkin 18, Middlesburgh Chaplins 22, Maesteg 47’s 24.

Don’t know anything about this band – any info would be much appreciated.


Kerrang! Issue 286 APRIL 1990

BARDICHE play Bristol Fleece and Firkin April 20, Cheltenham Night Owl May 7, Swindon St. John’s Ambulance Hall 12, Oxford Dolly 22, Bristol Bierkeller June 10, Swindon Link Centre 22 (supporting Huw Lloyd Langton)

Don’t anything about these guys altho the bass player Tom Dwyer seems to have joined Marshall Law in the last few years.