TREASON – The Dome, Tufnell Park – Live review by PAUL MILLER

F**k off you boring bastards!

Treason are facing an undeserving audience, fighting a wave of apathy that I’m not certain they’re sufficiently equipped to combat. Another drunk hurls a full pint at vocalist John Seton. How the f**k can he afford it, I wondered. Most of the rest of the crowd remain unmoved.

After 12 months of gigging and an album in the bag, if not actually on the shelves yet, Treason haven’t visibly moved forward. They have a handful of useful tunes to their credit – ‘Day Of Sunshine, Day Of Darkness’ and the Metalli-Thrash of opener ‘House Of Evil’ – but still possess all the charm and stage presence of a quintet of rather wet lettuces.

Indeed it’s John Seaton who is both Treason’s biggest assetand biggest problem. When he’s not actually singing he looks exposed and very uncomfortable. But when he is singing, despite not having a great voice or a huge range, he delivers his lines with such venom and passion – most notably on closer ‘Black Planet’ where, eyes ablaze, he spat out every word like it was his dying breath – that it was truly hypnotic.

Clearly Treason have some way to go if they’re to throw off the shackles of mediocrity and begin to exploit some of the potential they show. And a serious reappraisal of their ability to project themselves onstage sounds a helluva good place to start.

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