MISTER HYDE Cactus Club, San Jose – Live Review June 1990

EVEN THE casual fan of hard rock will tell you that 90 per cent of the bands around today are nothing more than talentless poseurs. Y’know the type; teased wigs, tight surgically ripped jeans, and if they’re lucky, half a song.

Mister Hyde eat those bands for breakfast.

Born from the bastard wet dream of lead vocalist Jameson some four years ago, Mister Hyde have developed into a dark and dangerous musical monster.

Sound-wise, comparisons can be drawn to such acts as the New York Dolls, Motrrhead, the Ramones, lggy Pop and Vain. But Hyde take the whole nasty, smelly mix and give it an altogether more dark and sinister twist.

The first clue the packed Cabtus Club gets that they arein for something special comes no later than the first note of set opener ‘Nights Like This’. Big, sleazy riffs courtesy of Morticia and Ebö Sandor (the latter sporting a large Nugent-style hollow body Gibson) grip you by the neck and hold you just long enough for the rhythm section of bassist Riff Raff and drummer Rutt Luck to kick your legs out and knock you to the floor. And the damn song has hit potential to boot.

Vocalist Jameson, a charismatic animal of a frontman, leads the charge into a trio of powerful, disturbing tunes, namely the likes of ‘Do Or Die’, ‘Sinister’ and ‘Mary Jane’; Each one topping its predecessor in power and melody.

Visually, Mister Hyde present the same originality as they do sonically. Wearing basic black to a man, in a style that hints at Vain but won’t alienate them to Danzig fans, the band insist on covering every inch of the club’s stage. At times the five figures become one solitary blur of nervous energy.

And when they do get down to playing songs, like the set’s final three numbers ‘Laughing At The Pain’ (dedicated to Stiv Bators), ‘Darkside’ and ‘How Dare You’, you can be sure it lays to waste all those cookie cutter bands that dominate the charts these days.

Mister Hyde are a terrifyingly exciting and mind-numbingly original monster of a band.

Links: http://www.myspace.com/misterhydeus plenty of pics and tunes. Top act.

Thanks to the bands Myspace guy for the pics and hard work:

Psychomatic by Mister Hyde

Mister Hyde Promo Pic 1992

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