CRY WOLF – Pavilion Theatre, Brighton – Live review by COLIN REED

HERE’S A good idea: round up all the dozens of bands in the country called Cry Wolf, all of whom will no doubt swear they first used the name, oh… years ago, put them in a room and let them fight it out. Until that can be arranged, the only battle this particular Cry Wolf are waging is with themselves.

Popular, slick and eager to pounce, there’s still some serious homework to be done before they can re-emerge as an A&R man’s wet dream.

For the moment, the slower, bluesier compositions are spot on, and when the twin-lead attack of Brian Trudeau and Craig Wailer gels correctly the results can be sublime, It’s the rockier songs that ways seem to need more balls and a touch more brain damage in order to make them really swing. The rhythm guitar is often fussy, and if the band would let the bass and drums carry the tempo of the song more then the guitars could be tightened up and simplified.

Cry Wolf’s ace comes in the shape of US-born vocalist Laura Hardin. It is her soulful, raunchy, sultry tones that sometimes single-handedly lift the band out of their avoidable dull moments.

On the whole, Cry Wolf could well benefit from a nice visit back to the drawing board where they could tighten their riffs, shape up and become the class act I know they can and will be.

All pics were supplied by Cry Wolf Guitarist Bri Trideau – many thanks Bri.

He can be found at the following locations:

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