JULY 1982


Cheetah were much more fun, and there was a good deal of ogling of the twin Aussie beauties Chrissie and Lyndsay, all eyes feating on tight jean-clad bottoms which they wiggled with relish and skill. Dzal Martin, their star guitarist also got a cheer from fans and looked somewhat embarrassed as the girls pressed their attentions into his face. Huge plastic bottles
greeted this simulated sex play but you had to admire Lyndsay’s courage (that’s the blonde one right?) when she went out into the audience with a radio mike and started screaming at us from the top of the PA tower. It must be all that Krona margarine. A banner was waved at the girls which read (and I quote) ‘Get yet **** out for the Iads’ and bits of food and earth were hurled. It was all a bit like bear baiting. I guess the audience loved them.