CROSS – Greyhound, Fulham
BILLED AS Germany’s premier HM band (what about the Scorpions?) Cross arrived to a less than full London debut and a less than ecstatic reception. Not that they seemed to mind or notice, behaving exactly like some megaband would at a sell-out Earls Court gig – someone should tell ‘em that there’s an incy wincy difference between 17,000 fanatical worshippers, and fifty or sixty curious onlookers.

But apart from making prats of themselves, and apart from having a singer who doesn’t seem to be able to decide which key to sing in, Cross might well have a future ahead of them. The aforementioned singer, a raunchy female, gives the impression that she’s ready to leap into bed with all and sundry (there’s no better way to win over a chauvinist audience methinks), and the songs are pretty good, if slightly stereotyped.

Best of the bunch is the opener ‘Don’t You Yell At Me’, a title that only a German band could sink low enough to think up. The chorus line ‘You’ll never drive me wild’ would be much better, but titles don’t make songs and this one would fare well as a single.

It strikes me as pretty strange that in a country where electronic music predominates the limited number of HM. Rock bands that do get thrown up seem to make it internationally in a very big way. Putting my head on the block I’ll say that Cross are destined to join the few, but they’re gonna have to work pretty hard to crack this market. Rehearsals would certainly be a major asset as there’s a wealth of difference between looseness and lethargy, and there’s only one man who can get away with the slaphappy attitude Cross seem to have adopted, and in his case, Johnny Thunders doesn’t have much longer to live”


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