LOCK UP your daughters, hold your horses: the year of the red, white and blue has arrived. In true American spirit and colour Americade are set to devastate our land in the same way Van Halen did not so many moons ago. In the words of head singer P. J. de Marigny. Americade are “Music Made For A Show”.

This four-piece rockforce don’t simply provide raucous Heavy Metal but an American Metal Extravaganza. Along with vocalist P.J., the rest of Americade consists of Gerald do Marigny on lead guitar. Nick Sadano on bass and Walt ‘Wildman’ Woodward Ill on drums, the latter two hailing from New Jersey band Rachel who have seen their vocalist Rhett Forester go to Riot.

Americade posses one of the most stunning stage shows in existence with drummer Wildman Woodward entering the stage in a cage and within one glimpse of his presence can melt even the coldest hearts of an unfamiliar audience.

They’ve been exploding local New York halls to sawdust. with destructive mega-classics such as ‘Go For Your Guns’, ‘On the Prowl’ and ‘Runnin’ Scared’ all penned by guitarist Gerard de Marigny. The band refuse totally to resort to any use of cover versions and see themselves as New York’s answer to Van Halen. Check out Wildman Woodward in the above photo, giving Dave Lee Roth more than a run for his money.

They’ve built their own 16-track studio and have recorded a phenomenal demo tape.

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