JULY 1982

WHITE SPIRIT Assembly Halls, Tunbridge Wells
CONSIDERING the Assembly Halls hold about 2,500 riotous printers, one could be forgiven for thinking White Spirit were taking on something a little bit beyond their depth. I certainly did until I saw the banner outside the haIl proudly declaring Tonite The Radio Caroline Roadshow, aha., . that bastion of cardboard guitars, rock’n’roll and grown men making absolute twats of themselves.

White Spirit were the main attraction but it’s obvious the sight of Caroline DJ’s jumping about like overgrown Angus Youngs that attracts the adolescents.

Anyway, down to the business in hand, and it’s time to dissect the charms of a new-look White Spirit. Free from the Neat/MCA contract, the band are airing a number of new ditties for inclusion on their forthcoming album, to be released on a major label.

The striking factor of the band Is new vocalist Brian Howe, who rocks around the stage like a methedrone metronome. But while having a remarkably good voice. Howe does seem to attempt to take the vocal chords to a limit way past his capabilities. However, a naff PA look its toll on all concerned so I’ll overlook that one this time.

White Spirit are still having trouble securing a reasonable London gig — The Marquee, in their infinite wisdom, don’t rate the band as a viable headliner — but with the advent of a new album and, if this showing is anything to go by, a dynamic live set, it wont be long before they regain the respect the band had prior to the departure of Janick Gers to Gillan.


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