JUNE 1982

RAGE – ‘Nice ‘N’ Dirty’ (Carrere Records CAL 138)

PROSPECTIVE STARS of tomorrow would do well to remember that in the search for rock’n’roIl fame a careful co-ordination of the business side of things is of vital, if not paramount, importance. Get that wrong and the hassles and headaches shouldn’t be long in coming as Rage, once Nutz, well know in their original guise the band once or twice veered dangerously close to collapse but through sheer resilience a deal with Carrere was finally swung which, encompassing a change of name, provided the chance to start afresh.

The first fruit of this alliance was the ‘Out Of Control’ LP, a better than average offering that came and went quietly through lack of image and promotion. In the wake of ‘Nice’N’Dirty’, however, the band, now joined by rhythm guitarist Terry Steer, are getting a good deal more support through a hefty promotional campaign, though it’s a shame that the album sleeve beats some of the covers from the Nutz era in terms of tackiness.

I know that a cover alone does not an album make and Led Zep II would still sound sweet wrapped in surgical stockings, but the fact remains that the sleeve is often the first contact a listener has with an LP, so it inevitably effects the way the music is heard. The sight of one skimpily clad lady ‘entertaining’ another put me oft completely, though I was pleasantly surprised by the music.

Solid, traditional fare, the rifts roll along nicety and Dave Lloyd’s voice impresses as ever. Lyrically, the latter works his way through some hackneyed themes but there’s a nagging, insistent quality to the music that helps pull him through, ‘American Radio Stations’, ‘Heartbreaker’ and ‘Blame it On The Night’, area ll memberable, while ‘Wasted Years’ features some fine slide guitar word and stealthy vocals, but at no point do the band really break swaet. The overall effect enhanced by the open production, is one of polish and restraint, more nice than dirty.

Dante Bonutto


RAGE: ‘Woman’ (Carrere)

The only flair that Rage would seem to possess is by producing rather tacky ‘sexy’ sleeves. ‘Woman’ is a fair hard rock song that gallops along in a commercial way but it has absolutely nothing to recommend it

over probably a hundred other singles.

No frills, no style and certainly not enough of what it takes to make a fortune


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