CHARGER – Dingwalls, London

CHARGER PLAYED their first London gig to a small and somewhat varied audience. The band that hail from Yorkshire, clad in soldier type jackets, tried with some success to charge the mixed bunch with their music. The first number, which is also their present release, showed the band for what they really are, a hardcore British rock band.

In a 25-minute set it is difficult, to say the least, for any group of guys to show what they can really do, but Baz Cummins, on guitar, is a skilled and talented musician, although he looked more like he works in a bank. A number performed by the guys titled ‘Tiger’ did not receive the roar I imagine the lads would have liked, but in my opinion it was their best one, well put together and well presented.

Drummer Steve Hall totally alienated himself from the audience which was his downfall; he seemed to forget that he was actually playing a live gig. The bass work from Colin Bell, however, was excellent. Bell, who is also lead vocalist, has a raw rough sound which complements Charger’s style of rock.

I did enjoy the set, but can’t say that I really got a buzz from the band.


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