JUNE 1988


PLAYING THE Greyhound as support to Tonino is hardly the most auspicious of London gigs. Not exactly the most plentiful of audiences either, the barn-like venue being stuck mid-way between two tube stations and thus being designated ‘too far out,.

All due credit then to USi, a Northern three-piece who got dressed up in their best David Lee Roth-style gear and proceeded to kick seven shades of shit out of the stage, regardless of a sparse, half-asleep crowd.

The duo responsible for this storm are lead vocalist/lead guitarist Steve Johnson and vocalist/bassist Eddie Stratton. And herein lies the root of their problem: they desperately need a frontman, a singer just as visually exciting as themselves, a star to take away the sheer graft of it all.

Now I know they disagree with me here, but without that lynch pin (especially at club level), bands are lumbered with a severe and often terminal communication problem.

They need a keyboard player too: sequencers and tapes are all very well, but people near me were shuffling around trying to spot the fourth man, therefore taking attention away from the band.

A radical re-evaluation is required here: a frontman would also add a little extra spice and dimension to the songs, and a keyboard player would widen the boundaries within which they can perform.

There is potential here — all it needs is the band to recognise it!


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