JUNE 1988

Tour De Force – Marquee

This Anglo-French alliance are a solid, hard hitting rock band with an ear for a good tune and the ability to play it too.

The French connection comes in the form of lead guitarist Fred Avesque (ex-Driveshaft) and bassist Micky Antoine. whilst British interests are held by the other lead axeman Andy Warnock, drummer Gary ‘HD’ Burfoot and that genial Geordie Lou Taylor on vocals (a former member of Satan/Blind Fury).

Opening for Shy and with a horde of friendly faces cheering them on. Tour De Force went all out to prove that, in the face of a possible resurgence in British Heavy Metal fortunes, they want to be in at the start as contenders for label interest.

Having paid their dues in a variety of small-time units, the membership have the experience and will to succeed. All are brilliant musicians, especially Burfoot, and with more stage exposure – this was only their second gig to the paying public – they’ll be able to improve on the potency of songs like ‘Power Of London’, ‘Tell Me’ and ‘For The Future’.With a set only marred by its shortness (lack of time. something opening bands always suffer from) and a drunken idiot soaking the front rows in beer when he fell off his equally drunken idiot of a mate’s shoulders, Tour De Force, the best band to be graced by Lou Taylor’s extremely powerful range yet, are gonna be an outfit to destroy all known competition once they really get into the gigging groove. Watch out for them.

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