THE QUEST – Edwards No. 8, Birmingham

WELL IT’S always a bit of a fillip for the unknown aspirants in the rock world when you hear of a new band who’ve had ‘emselves a bit of good luck rather than the usual and inevitable run of bad. Liverpool’s the Quest won a Yamaha-sponsored competition which not only saw them as proud owners of a whole new stack of gear but which also sent the five band members setting off to Japan to appear at the Budokan with bands from all over the world. Nice one!

After all that flash business, Edwards could welt have been a bit of a come-down, but the first thing you appreciate about the Quest is their genuine, enthusiastic, no bullshit approach to what they do.

And make no mistake, there is something special about the Quest. Their hard pomp style, a sorta cross between Magnum and Ratt is about the best comparison I can make, is hardly the stuff that my rock dreams are made of, but there’s no doubt these guys perform it a whole lot better than most.

The Quest have got a massive advantage in the shape of vocalist Andy Shaw, a kid who really has got everything it takes to be a real big noise in the singing department. He’s got a HELL of a roice on him, tuneful, poweful and a little rougher than yer average AOR man,

Best songs? ‘Crack That Whip’ stood out a mile as one that’s fastest out of the traps, while the ballad called (I think) ‘Holy Wind’ showed definite signs of maturity. Single ‘Making My Own Way’ might also pick up some radio support, especially as the band are supporting It Bites on their forthcoming tour,

Negative points? They’re playing too long a set because the interest naturally drops after half an hour when nobody knows your tunes. They still tend to throw everything into every moment of every tune when a little sharpening, trimming and concentration on the basic elements will bring the melodies

out a whole lot better. Minor points which I’m sure the Quest will learn for themselves in due course.


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