SHINE – Bull and Gate, London

‘YOU ARE all special people’, rang the walls of Hype, or the backroom bar of the Bull and Gate. I suppose it was really dependent on the amount of drugs you’d taken, or how many pairs of black jeans you had on, or the amount of hairspray (though I had a fair bit on myself).

I’m usually quite fond of three piece bands, they enliven the spirit of the underdog in me – the fight to fill out their sound, to offer enough visuals to engage the eye. Shine didn’t seem to think about this, they couldn’t muster an emotion, not a flicker, and their ultimate feeling of despair became a self fulfilling prophecy in the shape of a communal wake.

I still like the demo tape, having played it again since just to convince myself that they have something worth digging down deep for, They do ‘Feelin’ Down’ (I had noticed), ‘Good Time Girl’ and ‘Driftin” are all pleasantly wacky and odd Zod-like, but I didn’t even realise that they’d played the three, so lacklustre were their live versions that the songs just ran into each other.

When singer Gary Foy dropped to the floor and continued his performance there, it came as something akin to relief to the quickly dwindling audience.


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