OUTSIDE EDGE – Marquee, London

THE LAST time Outside Edge registered anything in my memory was when one of their number was to be seen donning headphones, falling back onto his bed and extolling the musical virtues that Ever Ready batteries had to offer.

Now, years later, after a songwriting and money-earning trip to Dubai, a shake-up in their line-up and the promise of a new monicker the next time ‘round, things have certainly changed.

I caught no names, only a dexterous collection of movement that hurled themselves like tops around the small Marquee stage and still got to their respective mics to belt out a staggering amount of honed harmony.

Stand out songs, in a set full to overflowing with precise anthemic ditties, were ‘Hard On The Heels Of Love’, ‘Across The Border’ and an unnamed encore ballad, consisting of voice and keyboards, that would have had Wembley glowing with raised lighters.

Suddenly OE have lifted themselves onto the mantle that up until now has held aloft Kooga and Strangeways. With three bands of this stature and the demise of Journey, it could well be the start of AOR supremacy becoming a homespun market instead of the pale imitations that we’ve had to contend with since I don’t know when.

Songs, creative arrangement and a presence that does nothing but catch your eye, and an ambience that sucks you into their cacophony of sound.

Given that, they have to be my bet for 1989.


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