ONSLAUGHT Glasgow Venue

NOSEBLEED ROCK! Yes, Steve Grice, drummer with Britain’s highly regarded Thrashers Onslaught, tonight attacked his kit so viciously that he inflicted a nasal bloodsurge upon himself. He got off lightly, the low-hung Venue lighting rig sustained multiple fractures and amputations inflicted by airborne slammers winging their way towards the Moshers below.

This was a good-natured gig, thanks to the staff of the Venue, the roadcrew and Onslaught themselves. The pace down the front was furious and without co-operation between all parties the event may just have exploded a few songs into the set. Call it sensible insanity.

Storming the stage with ‘Lightning War’ and ‘Fight With The Beast’ Onslaught wasted no time insetting a wild pace for the show. ‘Blood Upon The Ice’ led into Onslaught’s most accomplished song ‘Metal Forces’, full of tight rhythm work, melodic rifling and, above all, with a mature arrangement coming as close as they get to leaders of the Thrash movement.

‘Demoniac’ seemed to exhaust the Moshers, but a few minutes later renewed masochistic urges had them freaking again to Sabbath’s ‘Glorious Symptom Of The Universe’. When you have dearly loved a band like Sabbath, covers can never completely satisfy and Onslaught s ‘Symptom.. .‘ was just a bit slack for my taste.

‘In Search Of Sanity’, AC/DC’s ‘Let There Be Rock’ and the obvious follow-up ‘Let There Be Death’ closed the set on a high with the band allowing a few seconds of respite before returning for two encores of ‘Power From HelI’/’Angels Of Death’ and ‘Thrash Till The Death’.

Overall, Onslaught could probably have been tighter, and just for once I’d like to hear more guitar and less drums at a Thrash gig. I certainly couldn’t fault the commitment of the band or the performance of vocalist Sy Keeler leading from the front and actually communicating with the audience – a sight not often seen at Thrash gigs.


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