MINDS EYE – Venue, Edinburgh

IT’S NO secret that heavy rock is traditionally a male reserve. An and Nancy Wilson may be flying the feminine flag with dignity but too many women in rock still bypass heart and mind and head straight for the trouser pocket!

Tonight, it was encouraging to see two bands fronted by women whose talents encompass more than cheap thrills and peep-show routines. Barbara ‘Trio’ Field is the Mind’s Eye frontperson, looking like something from Faster Pussycat)!) and armed with the kind of voice that could shatter liquor bottles from a great distance (Lene Lovich meets Ann Boleyn?). She’s well on the way to mastering her tones, so when she does, make sure
your pint is in a plastic pot!

Oh, and you’d better be doubly sure when John ‘hyper-shredder’ McCullim lets loose one of his soon-to-be-legendary guitar solos. Can this guy play?

Too right. matey!

Slotting in somewhere between Van Halen and Faster Pussycat. Mind’s Eye are a young band with something to learn in the songwriting and performance fields, though tunes like ‘Dance With Deception’, ‘After Me’ and ‘Mind’s Eye’ show signs that an exciting future could be in store.

Mind’s Eye could be a name to watch.


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