JUNE 1988

LADY LUCK – Royal Standard, Walthamstow

EXPECTING, AS I was, a selection of commercial hard rock ditties, the wall of power that burst from the stage as Lady Luck launched into their first number almost adhered me to the bar.

The quartet sport a powerful rhythm section in the shape of Lionel Hicks (all hair and turbo- charged drumsticks) and Paul Riles (who occasionally relinquishes his bass in favour of keyboards), whose fast and precise time-keeping tended to push the band into Ratt territory spiced with a little ‘Dokkenese’ for good measure.

The combination is a successful one, as illustrated by ‘Get It Right’ – with its juicy, hook-laced melody lines and powerful rifling – and ‘Together Again’ which could have been the first song Dokken ever wrote, the reference points were that strong. Very classy. Placing emphasis on dynamics – light and shade without losing a power-punch – Lady Luck presented an enthusiastically performed set that exhibited promise a-plenty for an act of such relative infancy.

However, despite the rich warmth of Tony Richie’s vocals (not to mention his attempts to cover every inch of the stage!) and Paul Curtis’ fluent axemanship, there is a barren element to the Lady Luck sound. I would recommend a rhythm guitarist to add some necessary depth. Otherwise, things were well in order.


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