Dozens of bands from the scarlet age of NWOBHM rose to some form of infamy or other, though only a few ever managed to ascend from the ashes once they’d burnt, phoenix’ like, in a starburst of minor fame.

Back in those days, Iron Heart would have risen to ride on the crest of the wave, though what would have happened when they came to the wipeout stage I don’t know. Perhaps a stumble, Tygers style, would have dragged them up the beach and into a substantial record deal earning them their flickering light in eternity? But that was then, this. as they say, is now.

When a band works hard, pleases a crowd and has a single that’s heading for yet another pressing, and you study the facts over and over again but still can’t find what’s missing, then life can be a difficult bitch.

Then the light catches your eye, the spandex and hooped top, the entire creative barrage running you down, this is déjà vu, you see what’s missing as clearly as the person next to you: NOW.

‘Fear Of The Dark’ (I think), ‘How Do You Feel’ and their version of that famous jelly advert anthem, ‘Shaking All Over’, all had my foot going fairly haywire.

But at the end of an evening where they were brought back by the faithful more than once, and even ran out of songs to play, they still seemed destined to remain an integral part of the machine created to sustain the club scene. Just another cog bashing boards until tomorrow…


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