Kerrang! Issue No. 79 October 1984 – The Lyceum, London – Review by Derek Oliver

W.A.S.P/ Thor / Wrathchild

Thor, on the other hand, seems to be suffering from exactly the opposite problem to Wrathchild, Visually his image is perfect; obviously, a real-life comic book super hero. But musically his flimsy material lacks the splendour of his gigantic stature, Simply, Thor is in dire need of some decent and colourful songs before a career upgrade can be fully justified.

Devoid of the luscious Pantera, hot water bottle and rusty iron bar, the performance was stripped back to basics, featuring the Mighty One on his own bellowing out a succession of primal rumbles that culminated with the monstrous ‘Thunder On The Tundra’, atediously rudimentary song that contained more banality than an evening spent in the company of Gloria Hunniford and microphone.

Crawling from the wreckage, my mind flicked back to Ozzy’s recent Donington extravaganza in which, although artistically a shambles, his personal warmth and believable character shone through brighter than any other star on the bill. The same can be said of Thor; this man is honest and truly likeable. I just hope those minor problems can be quickly overridden.

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