1985 – Malcolm Dome

TAKE A looong took at the gal in this picture, because what you’re seeing is the birth of a legend. Yes, folks, within a few years I reckon that this stylish beauty (she of Hitchcockian ice maiden shoulder-length glance) will be among the most sought- after female rock vocalists on the planet.

This is DD, lead singer with the sensational Jagged Edge, one of the reasons why 1987 suddenly seems so bright for quality British rock. The band is based in the London area and features Myke Gray on lead guitar (perhaps the hottest new age Guitar Hero in the 13K at the moment). Billy Kulke (bass) and Alan Nelson (keyboards). Their sound is richly fulfilling, balancing powerchord effervescence against touching melodies within a range of superb songs.

hey’ve recently been at John Henry Studios in North London, working up a set of material that fair blows away most of the opposition. Indeed, several numbers have now been committed to tape under the watchful eye of experienced rnuso Neil Murray, whose production co-ordination has certainly given tracks such as ‘Nightmare’, ‘Looking For A Reason’, Runaway’, ‘Dance Into The Fire’ and Never Give Up On Love’ an edge and dynamism that far outstrips some vinyl from much-praised outfits. And live they proved their worth with a headlining dale at The Marquee that, by all accounts, was rather hot.

In short, everything about the band suggests they’ll go far, probably well into the multi-platinum territory very much the preserve of American and European acts in recent times.

So, if you’ve been wondering when a British band would pick up the gauntlet thrown down by Bryan Adams, Foreigner, Bon Jovi and Europe, the answer is finally staring you in the face. Jagged Edge will take up that challenge and run for the tape, mark my words.

Besides, how can you resist a woman with the vocal strength of Elkie Brooks in her younger days and the melting looks of Grace Kelly!

FOOTNOTE: The band will be supporting Vow Wow at Birmingham Diamond April 28, Bristol Bierkeller 29, Huddersfield Polytechnic 30, Hammersmith Clarendon Hotel May 3.

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