KERRANG! ISSUE 145 April 1987

TRITONZ: “The Edge Of Hell’ (GWR Records GWLP 13)

THE GREAT gaIump Thor don’t arf get himself involved in some dodgy projects- Following the ripsnortinq ‘success’ of ‘Recruits’,’ the man’s latest movie project is ‘The Edge Of Hell’, lotsa devils and skeletons wandering with all hell breaking loose.

Thor’s brought in Tritonz to add musical accompaniment to his one-man crusade. Better than doing the whole bit himself I grant you, but still not the greatest move ever! Tritonz I’ve never heard of, but their music has plenty of cut and thrust and a reasonable grasp of tuneage to help them on their way. They’ll hardly be setting the world alight with ‘The Challenge’, ‘Live It Up’ and ‘Danger I’m Mad’ but there’s nothing here to get upset or offended by! A touch of nice playing here, a memorable melody there, but nothing to turn Tritonz into mega-stars!


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