KERRANG! ISSUE 102 – September 1985

ODIN: ‘Don’t Take No For An Answer’ (Half Wet/Greenworld GWD9O5O9)

AN INTERESTING mixture of pleasure and pain from the extremely youthful Odin, at least one of whom looks too young to be drinking in the LA bars he evidently plays in.

As befits such a youthful band they’ve still got quite a way to go, of which this debut six-tracker is clear proof. There is pleasure to be found, though, in the peaks that this four-piece can reach, as evidenced by the exuberant flow of ’Shihing Love’, an impressive epic of light and shade; the pain lies in the weakness of their writing and the excruciating falsetto of vocalist Randy O. The title track has an awfully arranged hook which is nevertheless quite – involuntarily – memorable, whilst the others, save for ‘Shining Love’, prove limply begging for attention without ever actually tugging at the laces of your trainers.

The delivery’s a mite thin too – sounds like they need an extra guitarist to me -but all the members sound capable enough individually to get a grip on sterner stuff; if ’Shining Love’ is indeed the route they choose to follow they could emerge as impresive indeed.

Paul Suter

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