KERRANG! ISSUE 145 April 1987

MONRO: ‘Monro’ (Spellbound Records SPELA 332)


After growing up in the hills and valleys of South Wales you’d expect a band’s music to be gritty, no frills and as hard as the rock they mine down there. Not so Monro! These boys have an unhealthy interest in all things starred and stripey; theirs is bubblegum music spawned from too many late nights watching high-school romp videos and listening to Foreigner records,

It seems to me that Monro have a lot of talent but it hasn’t been completely focussed as yet, with a notable downward swing when Side Two rears its clichéd head. ‘American Girls’, ‘Open Up Your Heart’ and ‘Rock This City’ should give you the form and, my God, some of these tunes make Bon Jovi seem like the meanest muthas ever to hit a stage!

Over on Side One it’s a bit of a different ball game, though; there’s a good deal less attempting to be rockers and more letting it out naturally, and the results are vastly superior. ‘Here Comes The Night’, featuring the sole piece of blistering axe-play from Andi Turner, could well be a Power Station outtake (which is some compliment in my book), while ‘Give Me Love Again’ is possibly the pick of the pack, a lilting commercial pop song that again nods severely at Robert Palmer.

The single ‘Some Girls’ is a sprightly romp too, which proves that there’s definitely hope for the future.


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