KERRANG! ISSUE 102 – September 1985

MEGUMI HAKAKAWA: “Metal Version” (Toshiba EMI WTP 40199)

JAPANESE CARS are pretty good these days but there was a time when they were little more than’ lumps of tin with a wheel at each corner; those were the early days, and Japan is still in the early days when it comes to female-fronted Metal bands. Megumi Hayakawa looks decidedly demure and sounds just as unconvincing in the raunch department despite the finely honed attack of her band.

This is a mere four-track EP consisting wholly of covers; the credits display typical Nipponese politeness with ‘Gudbuy T’ Jane’ credited to Neville Holder and James Lea and ‘I Wanna Rock” crediting Daniel Dee Snider in full. The other tracks are Paul Stanley’s ’C’mon And Love Me’ and ‘Sons And Lovers’ from the new Alcatrazz album (somebody’s on the ball – the original is only just out!) and instrumentally it all sounds fine and fiery, but with no more than adequate vocals to complete the picture this is not the time to start getting excited about Japanese lady rockers.


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