KERRANG! ISSUE 102 – September 1985

MARINO THE BAND: “Wanna Keep You Satisfied” (LRM Records LRM100)

MARINO IS a nice enough bloke and his pretty sister/partner, Lisa Dominque, is a very good looking gal… but that’s where the compliments end for this band l’m afraid, for this debut album – following a none too impressive ’ECT’ appearance – is a pretty dismal affair.

It wouldn’t be too bad if Marino was an outstanding’ guitarist, but he shows only the occasional sign of being able to do something interesting with that lump of Wood hanging round his neck and in fact displays very little potential.

It wouldn’t be too bad if there were some, decent songs here for the band to wrap themselves around, but from ‘Listen To My Heart’ and ‘Wanna Keep You Satisfied’ through ‘I Don’t Know’ and ‘Black ’N’ White World’ to ‘Gonna Make Me Cry’ and ‘Fun For The Money’, the material is limp, languid and lifeless.

And it wouldn’t’ be too bad if Lisa could at least sing, but throughout every groove she seems incapable-of doing…anything with her voice other than drone. ‘Somebody Special” on the first side is an ideal opportunity for the lovely looking lass to flex her lungs and bleed the song, but there’s no soul, passion, energy or conviction in her voice. . . sounds as if she, could’ve been doing the bloody housework at the time!

All said and done, though, a smart production could’ve tidied everything up a little, smoothed over the cracks and made it all modestly presentable. But there’s not even that luxury here, I’m afraid. Make no mistake, the production on this album is more cruel to the band than I could ever be with the pen.

But isn’t there even the faintest ray of hope for Marino? ’Well, ‘Suzie Don’t Rock ‘N Roll’ at the outset of Side Two seems to find the band awake at last, and Marino even appears to have realised that he can do something with his guitar. And immediately after there’s the instrumental ‘Borderline’, which isn’t particularly brilliant by any stretch of the imagination, but when lined up against the vapid vocal tracks it comes across OK. But that’s it.

To be brutally honest, ‘Wanna Keep You Satisfied’ is an extremely poor and in places embarassing debut album from an outfit which seems completely out of its depth in a recording studio. In the real world, good looks is no effective substitute for talent and the sooner Marino realises this the better.


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