KERRANG! ISSUE 145 April 1987

LIZZY BORDEN: “Terror Rising” (Metal Blade RR9621)

BEEN KNOCKING around for yonks, have Lizzy Borden, credit for determination and perseverance, but the reason the band have been in the background for so long is obvious: LB really ain’t that good a band.

Apparently ‘Terror Rising’ features re-mixes of five previously released numbers such as ‘Rod Of Iron’ (a live version, no less!) and ‘Give Them The Axe’. All pretty mundane chest-beating stuff, I have I to say and the only plausible moment is a fairly restrained’ intro to ‘Catch Your Death’. Even the influence of Armoured Saint bassist Joey Vera on a coupla tracks does little to reduce the level of pain; Borden sounding particularly out of touch in today’s high-speed Metal world.

The band fill up this here album with covers of Jefferson Airplane’s ‘White Rabbit’ and the Tubes’ ‘Don’t Touch Me There’, Lizzy joined on the latter by Bitch’s Betsy, being her customary cheeky self. As often the case with Metal bands attempting to get to grips with the old classics, Lizzy Borden neatly take all the soul away replace it with bluster.

‘Really not very good at all’ is all I can say about Lizzy Borden


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