KERRANG! ISSUE 102 – September 1985

JAG WIRE: ‘Made In Heaven’ (Target TE 1346)

JAG WIRE? Well, a ‘Jag Wah’ is a car owned by American posers and Tahnee Cain, maybe this is something for US posers with an even bigger speech impediment…

Another two-word name for the Target roster alongside the feisty Legs Diamond and the mighty but mindless Laaz Rockit, Jag Wire (formerly Sin) have a lot in common with the approach of the former, thank God. They don’t deliver their keyboard-coloured firepower with quite the same verve as Legs, and the sound is a little lacking in drama thanks to a guitar that doesn’t quite have the necessary edge, but the band write good songs and put them together well.

Keyboards player Vince Gilbert appears to be the owner of a Hammond organ judging by the dodgy whining noises that appear here and there, but fortunately his synths sound much better, capturing the archetypal guitar/keyboard blend of prime-time North American HR. As a first statement this short – eighttracks,30 minutes – album is a pretty good shot.

Paul Suter

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