KERRANG! ISSUE 102 – September 1985

DONNA CRISTY: ‘People Will Talk’ (Phoenix DC10)

HMMM, ANOTHER raunchy girl rocker from the New York area – anyone for another Fiona? Okay, that’s unfair; despite the DC1O catalogue number (whose idea was that?) Donna Cristy is certainly not due for a nosedive – and ‘People Will Talk’ is a strong piece of admittedly low budget hard rock. It’s hampered somewhat by a rather thin sound and offers nothing really

outstanding to add to the sum total of female vocal achievement but Donna and her band are all capable performers and the material’s strong enough to make its mark.

The spirited cover of Rick Springfield’s ‘Smile For The Camera’ works particularly well, as does the hypnotic ’Right Before My Eyes’ thanks to the strong simplicity of its hook; there’s also an impressive ‘Rocking Through The Night’ which is a deadringer for ‘I’ve Got News For You’, an intense source of frustration right now since I can remember the song but not who recorded it!

Answers on a postcard to.

Paul Suter

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