KERRANG! ISSUE 145 April 1987

BLOODGOOD: ‘Bloodgood’ (Frontline Records RO9002 import)

CHRISTIAN METAL, now there’s a tricky concept. As a rule, I try not to let lyrics spoil my enjoyment of a genuinely ass- kicking platter. For example, the fact that Stryper choose to warble on about a lot of old religious nonsense doesn’t stop me from

appreciating their superbly Stygian sounds. On the other hand, the so-called ‘Christian’ movement is doing its damnedest to destroy good ol’ rock ‘n’ rollover in the USA, a fact that leads me to regard ‘Christian’ record labels like Frontline with a degree of suspicion. Just cast your eyes over the following extract from Bloodgoods biography:

– ‘These men found themselves torn by the anguish of the youth around them whose lives were so devastated by the philosophy and lifestyles of the Heavy Metal musicians they listened to.’ –

It makes you wonder how the four gentlemen who make up Bloodgood can ever hope to be taken seriously by Metal fans when they’re foolish enough to subscribe to such patently ridiculous views.

However, let’s get on with the really important business – the music..

Seattle citizens Bloodgood appear to be hoping to follow in the angelic footsteps of the aforementioned Stryper, However, judging by their debut album they’ve got a lot of praying to do before attaining such heavenly heights (OK, I promise that’s the last of the silly religious puns). Whilst Stryper have whole’ albums jam-packed with rather excellent material, Bloodgood have a sad dearth of similarly spectacular songs. Only once, on the tour de force ‘Accept The Lamb’, do they succeed in beating the Sweet boys at their own game.

Unfortunately, the rest of the album is nowhere near as exhilarating. ‘Stand In The Light’ is a tedious plodder with the excellent vocal performance of Les Carlsen the sole (soul?) saving grace, though the last three tracks on Side Two show a marked improvement, and hint at future promise. ‘What’s Following The Grave’ is a thoughtful little number, pleasant listening, if a touch depressing! In contrast ‘Black Snake’ and ‘Killing The Beast’ rattle along at breakneck speed. I can just picture the Bible-bashers Moshing along to this one.


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